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Global Energy Solutions  is a pioneering Kyrgyz based energy solutions business providing cost-effective integrated power solutions across the CIS and beyond, with our global partners we can provide expert project consultancy and advisory services, and flexible contractual and project arrangements (including IPP, Temporary Power, Hybrid & BOOT) to a verity of industry sectors, including mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, cement, utilities and process industries. We are well-suited  to deliver best-in-class tailored and highly efficient energy solutions across the CIS countries and Russia.


Energy Solutions

With the commitment to providing best-in-class energy solutions with the lowest total cost of energy, we offer a wide range of technologies that can be deployed virtually anywhere in the world.

​Our power plants are managed, operated, maintained and serviced by qualified engineers and technicians experienced in ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability, while also adhering to the strictest standards of safety.

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We are providing cost-effective integrated power solutions across the CIS and Russia

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